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Courses on digital interconnect technologies

ACSYS offers a large set of courses on connectivity technologies.
Each course details a particular standard, such as PCI Express or RapidIO.

You can see detailed course descriptions of the various trainings by using the above navigation bar. You can also click on course identifiers in the following course briefs hereafter.

I0 - New digital buses   This 1-day seminar aims to describe and compare new digital interconnect standards
IA1 - CAN bus   This course covers all CAN specifications: CAN 2.0, TT-CAN, FD-CAN and also the M-TTCAN IP from Bosch
IA2 - FlexRay 2.1   This course covers the FlexRay specification version 2.1
IA3 - MIL-STD 1553B   This course covers the 1553 military bus

IC1 - PCI 3.0   This course covers PCI bus version 3.0
IC2 - Compact PCI   This course is an extension to the PCI course
IC3 - PCI-X 2.0   This course covers the PCI-X bus version 2.0
IC4 - PCI Express 3.0   This course covers PCI Express gen3 as well as gen1 and gen2
IC41 - IDT PES32NT24xG2 PCI e Gen 2 switch   This course explains the implementation of these PCIe gen2 switches
IC5 - RapidIO 3.0   This course covers the RapidIO interconnect version 3.0
IC6 - HyperTransport 3.0   This course covers the HyperTransport 3.0 high-speed interconnect
IC7 - VME   This course covers VME bus, including 2eSST
IC8 - VPX and Open VPX   This course covers the VPX and Open VPX VITA standards
IC9 - LLI   This course covers the Low Latency Interface (LLI) MIPI bus

II1 - DigRF and RFFE   This course covers DigRF and RFFE MIPI buses
II2 - IPMI v2.0   This course covers Intelligent Platform Management Interface version 2

IM1 - HDMI 1.4a   This course covers the HDMI multimedia interface
IM2 - Display Port 1.1a   This course covers the Display Port multimedia interface
IM3 - DSI 1.1   This course covers the Display Serial Interface V1.1 (DSI 1.1)
IM4 - SlimBus   This course covers the Serial Low-Power Inter-Chip Media Bus (SLIMBUS)
IM5 - CSI-2   This course covers the Camera Serial Interface v2 (CSI-2)
IM6 - CSI-3   This course covers the Camera Serial Interface v3 (CSI-3)

IP1 - FireWire   This course covers IEEE1394, IEEE1394a, IEEE1394b and DV specification
IP2 - USB 2.0   This course covers USB2.0
IP3 - USB 3.0   This course covers USB3.0 and related specifications: OTG 3.0, xHCI, UAS and AV classes

IS1 - S-FPDP   This course covers Serial-FPFP (VITA 17)
IS2 - eMMC 5.0   This 2-day course covers the eMMC 5.0 specification
IS3 - Serial ATA III   This course covers SATA III
IS4 - UNIVERSAL FLASH STORAGE (UFS 2.0)   This course covers UFS 2.0 , which is the enhanced version of MMC standard
IS5 - SD UHS II (Ultra High Speed II)   This course covers UHS-II which is the enhanced version of SD