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Courses on digital interconnect technologies

ACSYS offers a large set of courses on connectivity technologies.
Each course details a particular standard, such as PCI Express or RapidIO.

Vous pouvez visualiser les descriptifs détaillés des différents cours en utilisant la barre de navigation ci-dessus. Vous pouvez également cliquer sur les références des cours dans les descriptions ci dessous.

I0 - New digital buses   This 1-day seminar aims to describe and compare new digital interconnect standards
IA1 - CAN bus   This course covers all CAN specifications: CAN 2.0, TT-CAN, FD-CAN and also the M-TTCAN IP from Bosch
IA2 - FlexRay 2.1   This course covers the FlexRay specification version 2.1
IA3 - MIL-STD 1553B   This course covers the 1553 military bus

IC1 - PCI 3.0   This course covers PCI bus version 3.0
IC2 - Compact PCI   This course is an extension to the PCI course
IC3 - PCI-X 2.0   This course covers the PCI-X bus version 2.0
IC4 - PCI Express 3.0   This course covers PCI Express gen3 as well as gen1 and gen2
IC41 - IDT PES32NT24xG2 PCI e Gen 2 switch   This course explains the implementation of these PCIe gen2 switches
IC5 - RapidIO 3.0   This course covers the RapidIO interconnect version 3.0
IC6 - HyperTransport 3.0   This course covers the HyperTransport 3.0 high-speed interconnect
IC7 - VME   This course covers VME bus, including 2eSST
IC8 - VPX and Open VPX   This course covers the VPX and Open VPX VITA standards
IC9 - LLI   This course covers the Low Latency Interface (LLI) MIPI bus

II1 - DigRF and RFFE   This course covers DigRF and RFFE MIPI buses
II2 - IPMI v2.0   This course covers Intelligent Platform Management Interface version 2

IM1 - HDMI 1.4a   This course covers the HDMI multimedia interface
IM2 - Display Port 1.1a   This course covers the Display Port multimedia interface
IM3 - DSI 1.1   This course covers the Display Serial Interface V1.1 (DSI 1.1)
IM4 - SlimBus   This course covers the Serial Low-Power Inter-Chip Media Bus (SLIMBUS)
IM5 - CSI-2   This course covers the Camera Serial Interface v2 (CSI-2)
IM6 - CSI-3   This course covers the Camera Serial Interface v3 (CSI-3)

IP1 - FireWire   This course covers IEEE1394, IEEE1394a, IEEE1394b and DV specification
IP2 - USB 2.0   This course covers USB2.0
IP3 - USB 3.0   This course covers USB3.0 and related specifications: OTG 3.0, xHCI, UAS and AV classes

IS1 - S-FPDP   This course covers Serial-FPFP (VITA 17)
IS2 - eMMC 5.0   This 2-day course covers the eMMC 5.0 specification
IS3 - Serial ATA III   This course covers SATA III
IS4 - UNIVERSAL FLASH STORAGE (UFS 2.0)   This course covers UFS 2.0 , which is the enhanced version of MMC standard
IS5 - SD UHS II (Ultra High Speed II)   This course covers UHS-II which is the enhanced version of SD